Tsuki, along with his brother, Leo, brings the exceptional qualities of both grandfather Oltremare Dorian Gray of 7th Heaven and father, 7th Heaven's Betelgeuse to the equation. In addition, Tsuki's mesmerizing vivid green eyes are a gift from his mother, Camilla. My intention was to only keep Leo, as I love the red coloring so much, but Tsuki was always there, cuddling up, so incredibly loving and.. those amazing green eyes staring into mine.. So here he stays.. He has surprised us with kittens of exceptional quality and amazing sweetness - and classic patterns, as well as his striking green eye color and eye shape. As many things are that are not originally planned, Tsuki was meant to stay and make his mark here at 7th Heaven. Tsuki means "moon" in Japanese..

CH 7th Heaven's Tsuki

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow
Dam: CH 7th Heaven's Camilla
Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Betelgeuse

Ebony/Black Spotted Tabby & White

CH 7th Heaven's Ajax the gRR8!!

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: CH Felitan Diva of 7th Heaven

​Sire: CH Oltremare Dorian Gray of 7th Heaven

Ebony/Black & White 

Ajax is a super sweet, loving, very playful and alert boy. He loves everyone - cat or human - taking after his father, Oltremare Dorian Gray of 7th Heaven. He loves to be in the spotlight and is a big ham for photos. His big ears and green green eyes, iron hard body plus his striking markings (a great "V" on his face!) are assets that he passes on to his children. A highly proven male, he is a valuable part of our family.

These are the boys who are part of my current feline family.

Please check out my Past Stars-Boys to see former family members and those girls that had an important influence on my cats' "look" and on my heart!

our boys

​7th Heaven's Mito d'Argento

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: CH Skan Moonflower of 7th Heaven

Sire: 7th Heaven's Gwynt Arian

Ebony/Black Silver Spotted Tabby

Mito means both "myth" and "gentle" in Italian (d'Argento means "silver") - and Mito fits both of those terms - he seems to take a back seat to the more assertive members of my feline family, but he knows when and how to get into the middle of the action for love and attention and when he wants his presence to be known. With a flashy silver spotted pattern, steel-pipe of a body and sexy, slant eyes, he brings the silver I love back into my breeding program. 

"Ramzi" is a gift from my very dear Polish friend, Monika Money-Kyrle. He is an easy going boy, very affectionate and sweet - he loves everyone. His excellent European out-cross pedigree and his classic pattern, along with very green eyes, will undoubtedly be precious benefits to our breeding program. We look forward to seeing his babies soon!

upcoming - catmania RAMOnes of 7th Heaven

​Breeder: Monika Money-Kyrle

Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: Calenacats Tasha

Sire: Shagio-Chen Mango

Chestnut/Chocolate Classic Tabby