Sera is one cat that always takes my breath away as I watch her sashay her way through the house - the elegance and nonchalance of a runway model. She is the definition of long, and long legged, fine boned grace. And with ears that really make you think she will take flight. We await her babies with much anticipation. A precious girl in every way.

7th Heaven's Passion Flower

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: 7th Heaven's Sempre Libera

Sire: 7th Heaven's Tsuki

Ebony/Black & White 

 7th Heaven's over the moon

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: 7th Heaven's Lady Madonna

Sire:  7th Heaven's Leo Le Roi

Chestnut/Chocolate Tortie & White

Shanti is a fearless, outgoing, playful, mischievous, loving, cuddly girl - with an outstanding classic pattern and bright emerald eyes. She is super curious, super healthy and muscular, yet elegant. Look in her eyes and you can tell she is constantly trying to figure out what makes something tick - or how she can achieve a seemingly impossible goal. She loves high places and is an Olympic jumper (if they had a category for cats). A very sweet, athletic and adorable girl.

7th Heaven's indra

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: CH Okonor Ilona of 7th Heaven

Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Tsuki

Ebony/Black Patched Classic Tabby

CH 7th Heaven's Serafina

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: GC 7th Heaven's Lunatika

Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Ajax the GRR8!!

EbonyBlack Spotted Tabby

GC 7th Heaven's Lunatika

Breeder: Marva Marrow

Owners: Marva Marrow & Agatha Pomaranski

Dam: CH Felitan Stardust of 7th Heaven

​Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Betelgeuse

Odd--Eyed White

 7th Heaven's sempre libera

Dam: CH Skan Moonflower of 7th Heaven

Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Ajax the GRR8!

Ebony/Black Smoke & White

Indra is a very colorful girl - very unusual, a classic pattern with warm tortie markings. She has the bright, emerald green curiosity-seeking eyes of her father Tsuki and grandmother, Camilla, and the same quirky, playful, mischievous and extremely friendly personality of Camilla. Her healthy, fine-boned physique and happy-go-lucky temperament - along with those amazing eyes and coloring - and classic pattern - are precious attributes to our Orientals of upcoming generations.

Passion's green eyes and striking coloring won my heart when she was a baby. And she has the same calm yet playful, serene temperament of her mother, "Libbie" (Sempre Libera). Nothing makes her happier than sitting on my lap (when I have that rare moment with time to sit down) or sleeping on my stomach, green mysterious eyes staring into mine.. and smiling. Yes, smiling. Hopefully she will continue this tradition of the emerald eyes and lovely, calm, sunny temperament.

These are the girls who are part of my current feline family.

Please check out my Past Stars-Girls to see former family members and those girls that had an important influence on my cats' "look" and on my heart!

7th Heaven's SITA

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: CH Okonor Ilona of 7th Heaven

Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Tsuki

Ebony/Black Patched Ticked Tabby

" Luna," as I call her, is as her namesake says, a bit of a goofball, but an elegant and loveable one. She is extremely outspoken, outrageous, affectionate, used to getting what she wants, but in a nice way. 

I love this girl like crazy. She is loyal, always first on my lap and curled up next to me when I go to sleep - sometimes permitting of sharing with the others, sometimes not. She is a very special cat, a CFA Grand Champion, and each time I look at her huge ears, clear expressive eyes and long long LONG elegant body, my heart beats faster! That is what it is all about.. She is a fantastic mother and has had some 
exceptional, beautiful and healthy babies to add to our family and that of others.

What is said for Indra, can mostly be said also for her littermate sister, Sita!  Sita's color and pattern looks like an autumn leaf - colorful, warm color running through a rich, reddish and chocolate background. She has the super sweet and extremely friendly personality of Camilla, her grandmother, and the lively curiosity and outgoing temperament of her mother Ilona. She has many precious attributes which she will hopefully add to upcoming Oriental generations in our home.

7th Heaven's Shanti

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: 7th Heaven's Lunatika

Sire: 7th Heaven's Mito d'Argento

Ebony Classic Tabby 

"Libbie" is a very gentle, easy-going, calm and amazingly sweet girl who gets along with everyone, feline or human - including some of the volatile personalities and moods that do happen in a home. She first caught my eye when she was just born - such striking coloring and markings. Then to discover that she is also smoke (silver) was a big added bonus. She has the silkiest fur and gentlest demeanor of all my cats - a peacemaker. And her brilliant green eyes add to her striking good looks.  Libbie is an excellent mother - now with her first litter - like her mother, Moonflower. 

Moonie combines the best qualities of her adorable mother, Maddie, and father, Leo, in the most colorful package! And she has such intense, dark green eyes - which are unusual to find in red-factored (red and tortie) cats. The moment she came into the world I knew it was very likely she would stay with me. She is exquisitely feminine, yet sturdy and strong. And her lovely babies are cared for and loved - even if in a rather over-protected way - with her whole heart and spirit.

Our girls