"Finn" is a very special boy with bright emerald green eyes. He is refined and with a rock hard muscled body. This boy was born at my home and was a pleasure to have. Now he lives a life in paradise with my dear friend, Maria Caher, and her lovely Orientals in Buenos Aires. I miss him but am happy that he has such a loving home.

CH 7th Heaven's Infinite Plan

GRAZIE Simone for my gorgeous and sexy Italian boy! Dorian loves people, cats - everyone! And he adores his little babies, and helps care for them - the perfect cat husband! He is the LOUDEST cat on the planet - but also the one with the biggest heart.

He also has the most intense and vibrant red color I have seen - with fabulous spots. He has left an important legacy in his children.

Ikon is truly one of the gentlest, most trusting cats I have ever had. There was nothing better than to hold him upside down in my arms with him gazing into my eyes with total love, devotion and trust.

 He is long long long, very tall, with a tail that goes on forever. This is a very elegant boy, with that extreme length and grace that I love to see in an Oriental. He is a cinnamon carrier (he has produced tested cinnamon carriers), like his mother and his color is a rich and warm brown. He has lovely intense green eyes too. Ikon is a friend to everyone, with a gentle, non-intrusive manner. 

7th Heaven's Gwynt Arian

CH 7th Heaven's Betelgeuse

CH 7th Heaven's Ikon

CH Oltremare Dorian Gray of 7th Heaven

 CH 7th heaven's leo le roi

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: CH 7th Heaven's Camilla

Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Betelgeuse

​Red Spotted Tabby & White

"Bonchik" as he was nicknamed by his Lithuanian breeder, brought back the silver I had been missing in my cattery for several years. He has a lovely spotted pattern on a silky coat, which covers a rock-hard body, long legs and lovely refinement. Bonchik has a very outgoing, friendly and goofy personality and made his home easily here with his male buddies.

Bonchik was a gift from my dear friend Monika Money-Kyrle, who brought him to me from Europe. He produced a lovely silver classic son, CH Gwynt Arian, to carry on his silver legacy.

Gwynt Arian, aka Gwynt - his name is Gaelic for "Silver Wind" - is a very striking and flashy silver classic boy with a gentle spirit and extremely cuddly personality. He is elegant and silly, always wanting to be held and snuggled. I love his sexy green, slanty eyes. He has an exceptionally clear and unusual pattern - and so thankful he helped bring silver back into my lines. 

CH Adoro Bonfair Bonvivan

These are cats who have graced my life and home with their presence.  
Each one has left a mark in my heart and has been an important star in the 7th Heaven constellation... 
I feel fortunate to have known them, loved them all and been loved in return... I have many more photos and pedigrees to add - will do so as time permits!

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Our past stars - boys

Leo brings the legacy of his much-loved grandfather, Oltremare Dorian Gray of 7th Heaven, and his father, Betel (7th Heaven's Betelgeuse) - plus the benefit of his elegance, intense red color and flashy spotted pattern to our lines. A gentle boy with the comical quirks of his mother, Camilla (such as doing a somersault when petted and rolling on his back for a tummy rub). We have a lovely daughter from him to continue all of these great lines and loving personalities. 

Betel has been an important part of our breeding program - now neutered and living and sleeping with me as a happy pet! He is an incredibly sweet and loving boy with many wonderful qualities. He looks a lot like his mother, Stellina, and has the fabulous spots of both her and his father Sirius. Betel has very warm coloring and is a cinnamon carrier like his mother - and a classic carrier like his father. He has produced many healthy and beautiful kittens - several of which are living with me now.