retired adults

Not Available - in her new home: ColorCountry zoi of 7th Heaven

Dam: 7th Heaven's Madam Puddifoot

Sire: Robin Hood V Ladas

Ebony/Black Spotted Tabby & White


"Allie" has the distinct and defined spotted pattern of her father, Betel, and the brilliant green eyes of her Russian mother, Fortuna. The best features of both parents in an elegant little girl - long and lean, tight coat and smooth head. Now Allie is very happy in her forever new home. Please contact me if you are interested in other Retired Adults!

It was really serendipity how this beautiful Zoi came to live with me. She is a granddaughter of my much-loved Luna (Lunatika), born at the home of my friend Chris Thompson. Zoi - who originally had another name - went to a home where she was not loved or appreciated and we actually had to rescue her from this situation. So Zoi came to me - and I named her for the Greek word meaning "life" - as Chris and I knew she would be loved and safe with a new LIFE here. She has the same elegance and striking looks as her grandmother and mother - and with an unusual "van" bicolor pattern (lots of white!). She has a clear heart marked on her side!

Unfortunately Zoi was unable to nurse her kittens as her nipples were non-functioning. We tried.. Now this sweet, calm and gentle girl is in her loving and permanent pet home.. Please contact me if you are interested in other Retired Adults!

It is my belief that my cats, or cats that come to me from others, should live as much of their lives as possible as beloved pets - sleeping in bed with their people, sitting on their laps when they are relaxing, helping make dinner... Especially for boy cats that are stud cats, this is difficult as if they run around the house with the other cats, then babies are born! And that is something we need to be able to limit and control.

My breeding females do live in the house with me as pets, sleep with me, "help" me in the kitchen, etc. But still, they have their hormones which can make life for everyone difficult at times.

Therefore, my general policy is to breed my cats for a short time (usually a year or two) and then neuter/spay them. Although I do have some cats that live with me forever, other beautiful and sweet members of my feline family are available as pets, once they are neutered and spayed.

Neutered or spayed cats make wonderful pets. These are healthy, young, socialized cats with years of playful, loving companionship ahead of them. Below you can see which cats are available, or soon to be available. Please CONTACT ME if you are interested!

Not Available - IN her new home

7th Heaven's allegria

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: ChatNoir Fortuna of 7th Heaven

Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Betelgeuse

Ebony/Black Spotted Tabby