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7th Heaven's Sita - ebony patched ticked tabby girl!

Born 4/20/2016 - Photos taken January 22

RAMZI IS NOW IN HIS NEW HOME! CH ​Catmania Ramones of 7th Heaven AKA "RAMZI"​ - Chestnut/Chocolate classic tabby boy

















Ramzi is a sweet, charming, gentle, affectionate and easy going boy.. He came from Poland, from my dear friend Monika. He was born end of March 2015, so he is not quite two years old. He gets along well with other cats and would do best with a cat companion who is also gentle and easy going, not too dominant. Ramzi has the rare and striking classic pattern (bullseye/swirls).


If you are interested in Ramzi, please get in touch!


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Sita ( SEE-ta) is an amazingly sweet, outgoing, bouncy, curious and healthy little girl. I had planned to have her stay with me and become part of my breeding program. However she had an issue with her digestion that I was unable to clear up until recently. And because of this issue - which turned out to be a food sensitivity, I have decided to let her go as a pet. I had her on a limited diet for a couple of months - and now, she is able to eat with the others. So this is no longer a problem for her.

When Sita was a young kitten, she got an eye infection and although this is completely cleared up and has been for a long time, it left one of her eyes very slightly smaller than the other and a shade darker in color. Again - nothing at all wrong with her eyes and it is not easy to detect in person, but it is there.

Other than that, she is an amazing little creature - EXTREMELY affectionate lap kitty, very friendly and easygoing, outgoing. She gets along with all the cats here and is friendly with strangers. She is very petite - weighing about 5 lbs.

If you are interested in Sita, please write to me. She is available to go to a new home now.

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MITO IS NOW IN HIS NEW HOME! CH ​7th Heaven's Mito d'Argento​ - ebony silver spotted tabby boy

Mito means both "myth" and "gentle" in Italian (d'Argento means "silver") - and Mito fits both of those terms - he seems to take a back seat to the more assertive members of my feline family, but he knows when and how to get into the middle of the action for love and attention and when he wants his presence to be known. With a flashy silver spotted pattern, steel-pipe of a body and sexy, slant eyes, he brings the silver I love back into my breeding program. 

Since I now have a couple of Mito's lovely children, it is time for him to enjoy being the center of attention in his forever home. He is a sweet and easy-going boy, very affectionate and loving. He gets along very well with other cats - and likely would be fine with dogs too. Mito just turned 2 years old.

See more photos of Mito.

It is my belief that my cats, or cats that come to me from others, should live as much of their lives as possible as beloved pets - sleeping in bed with their people, sitting on their laps when they are relaxing, helping make dinner... Especially for boy cats that are stud cats, this is difficult as if they run around the house with the other cats, then babies are born! And that is something we need to be able to limit and control.

My breeding females do live in the house with me as pets, sleep with me, "help" me in the kitchen, etc. But still, they have their hormones which can make life for everyone difficult at times.

Therefore, my general policy is to breed my cats for a short time (usually a year or two) and then neuter/spay them. Although I do have some cats that live with me forever, other beautiful and sweet members of my feline family are available as pets, once they are neutered and spayed.

Neutered or spayed cats make wonderful pets. These are healthy, young, socialized cats with years of playful, loving companionship ahead of them. Below you can see which cats are available, or soon to be available. Please CONTACT ME if you are interested!