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These are some articles on various subjects that I have written or were written by friends... Hope you will enjoy them! Please feel free to link to this page and share the information with others!


Easy Fresh Food Recipe:
You will need a food processor to make this food!...more

**Cooked Chicken Recipe (add as a nutritious addition to canned food)....more 

Kitty Glop, a Tempting Food for Young Kittens or Convalescent Cats

There are times when your cat or very young kitten may need a special food that is easily digestible, very nourishing, high in calories and extremely palatable to encourage appetite. These special instances may include:


1. A cat that is ill, weak or won't eat --also for syringe force-feeding 
2. Orphaned kittens. Kittens can be totally raised with success on Glop. 
3. A large litter that needs supplementing. It is also very appropriate to use with tube feeding...more

The Best Cat FoodSafe and Healthy Formulas for Your Feline Friend: I do not generally agree with articles on feline nutrition. They often have either not enough real research behind them, or/and they are often almost fanatically slanted toward one way of feeding either subsidized by some commercial food company or studies not based on actual feeding and observation. So I read those articles with a raised eyebrow and recognize their non-objectivity or non-scientific views. However, for this article, as the authors say, "Our researchers spent hundreds of hours researching what constitutes the optimal feline diet, speaking to vets and poring over studies. We then analyzed over 1,700 cat food formulas, nixing those containing unsafe or mysterious ingredients before arriving at our recommendations." And I did surprisingly find this to be true - and the results earned my respect. I recommend the findings and the information included in this excellent piece. Hopefully it will help you find good nutritional solutions for your kitties.

screativeref 1101l69250.jpg

Could My Feline Fertility Problems Be Caused by G Strep (Group G Streptococcus bacteria)? 
A Scary Story With a Happy Ending (1st part article about G Strep)

Problem solving method for cat breeders -- my first article on this subject...more

 G Strep Updates: The Continuing Story: Part 2 (written in 2004)
Since I wrote my first article in 2002, describing my experiences with G Strep in breeding cats and young kittens, I have received an unprecedented quantity of feedback, both from breeders and veterinarians around the world......more (NOTE: This article contains what is still the current and effective protocol for treating G Strep Note dated March 2016).

Additional Comments and Follow Up to G Strep Article (2004): Written March 21, 2010
 It seems that G Strep problems are becoming even more widespread, in every country and in every breed. I am not sure why that is — or if it is only because those “diagnosis unknown” cases are starting to raise more red flags and with more diffusion of information, breeders are becoming more aware, among themselves, of the existence and possibility that they are experiencing G Strep in their catteries....more


Vaping and Pets: Safety Guide: ( I did not write this) - Safety tips for those who use e-cigarettes and products. 


Using CBD Oil for Your Cat: ​You may already be familiar with the use of CBD oil humans and for dogs, but did you know that it can be benefit your feline friends too? As more and more pet owners are gearing away from traditional treatment and seeking more holistic methods for their animals, CBD oil has continued to grow in popularity.... This article (not written by me) is a credible and well-researched overview of a potentially very useful natural supplement to help with various external and internal ailments....more


​​The Best Pet Insurance Based on In-Depth Reviews – ​We always want to think positive and that “it will never happen to me”, but sometimes cats can suffer an unexpected accident or illness that warrants a trip to the vet. Treatment costs can be prohibitive, so checking out a pet insurance that best fits your needs and the needs of your furry baby can be a smart choice for you and your family. But how much does a pet health plan cost and what does it cover? Most pet insurance premiums cost an average of $20 to $50 per month, and cat owners usually end up paying less than dog owners. Consumers Advocate spent over 200+ hours of research, looking at 30+ sources and vetted 15 companies. Find out if it’s worth it for you and how to choose the right one for your cat!​....more

Feline Obesity: How to Prevent & Treat It Naturally - It might look cute when our cats get a little chubby, but feline obesity isn’t as cute when it comes to your cat’s long-term health! Obesity can be a real problem for cats, and many owners might not know how to avoid or treat it....more


Build a SAFE Outdoor Enclosure for Your Cat!

A few springs ago I became suddenly very aware of how intently my strictly indoor cats watched the signs of stirring new life and renewed animal and bird activity outside in my garden. I knew how much they longed to be a part of that world...more


I am happy to share the creative solutions that others have found to build safe, pleasant play and living spaces for their kitties, using my enclosure instructions...more

 A Kitty Habitat: From the House to the Outdoors in Safety: A Practical Guide

My friend Marva inspired me to build an outdoor habitat for my own cats...This spring, I took the plunge, but decided on a more complicated design than the simple box design. I preferred to have my cats enter and exit their outdoor run via my bedroom window......more

A Perfect Gift for my Cat - A Yaheetech Cat Tree Review 

When I think of sparkly highlights on my Oriental Shorthairs' wish lists (besides food!), certain words come to mind: tall, climbable, sturdy (for leaping felines, tall...more


Keeping Kitty Out of the Houseplants 
To many cat lovers, the idea of a cat household with plants is an oxymoron. I have always loved the idea of having part of the outdoors, indoors. Although I live in a climate where outdoor living and green plants are a year round thing, I recall living through the gray winters in cold climates where the geranium or African violet on my indoor windowsill was the only reminder of the promise of spring to come... 


How Do I Choose a Pet for My Cat?

How do I make the best decision to choose a cat or kitten that will be compatible with my resident feline?...more


Your Cat's Personality IQ

​This fun IQ test will determine your cat's personality and the the tips to let her shine in your life.. more


What is the Right Cat Breed for Me?

Insight into the various types and groups of cats and which one would be most compatible for you, your family and your lifestyle..more


Safety 1st! Kitten proofing Your Home..more


It’s the Simple Solutions in Life: Drymate Litter Trapping Mat Review..more​​

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