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By Marva Marrow 


Sometimes it really is the simple, organizational things in life that provide real satisfaction. Although I (and you likely feel the same way) very much prefer NOT to have a litterbox in the bedroom, on occasion it is necessary. In my case, this happens when I have a new cat come into the household and I need to reassure them, bond with them, and also keep them separate/isolated from the others until I am sure they are healthy, not harboring an illness that might come out with the stress of travel or moving to a new environment. 


Or in my instance, when I have new kittens on the way and this is a first time or nervous mother – instead of putting her safely isolated in the Kitten Room, I prefer to have her constantly under watch, even after the babies are born. Newborn kittens are fragile and new mothers are also unpredictable – will they bond with their babies? Know instinctively what to do? Will they be nervous and start carrying the little ones around? I want to be sure the new mother feels safe and at ease. And I know she will feel this way in my bedroom. 


There are certainly other reasons to have a litterbox in the bedroom – and many to wish the box was NOT in the bedroom. It is inconvenient! All that litter scattering everywhere – bare feet tracking it into bed (think the Princess and the Pea with those granules or pellets under the covers!), stepping on “crunchies” in the middle of the night..need I continue??

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So I was so pleased to be sent some samples of a litter mat that really WORKS and keeps the litter trapped directly outside the box – the Drymate Litter Trapping Mat. A long name for a simple and effective solution. The mats come in different generous sizes, 20” X 28” and 28” X 36.” You could easily cut them (with scissors) to another shape if needed as well. They are lightweight, machine washable. They are also environmentally friendly – made 100% from recycled plastic bottles – a great feeling to know that all these throwaway bottles are going to good use. The mats resemble indoor/outdoor carpet, but lay perfectly flat on the floor, and are easy to pick up, fold into a slight “V” shape and dump any accumulated litter into a plastic bag for disposal. I use wood pellet litter, so I shift over the box, pick up the mat and dump into the plastic bag, replace the mat and then dump the box. Easy and quick!


The mat also stays put, even with galloping, playing cats and kittens. The material is not looped so no snags and no hooked claws. The material is ridged and designed to splay the cats’ claws when they exit the box and therefore trap the litter. The backing on the mat is waterproof, in case of accidents and, as I said, also machine washable – or easily rinsed and air dried.


I truly no longer am tracking litter myself all over my bedroom and into the bed. And I have added these mats to my bathroom with the other litterboxes, to simplify clean up there as well. 


So.. as I said, simple solutions that can save time (cleaning), aggravation (tracking litter around my bedroom, the house and under the covers) and just overall organization – are high on my list! 


Target sells the Drymate Mats and you can find out additional information here: 


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