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Fresh Step Litter w/Gain & Febreze

I know.. there are endless varieties of litter out there. And I have tried many or most of them. Many were worth a try and then – for me – never to be thought of again. I have a multi-cat household, which means I try to diminish the work, and I am picky.


I don’t like crystal litter. Most scooping litter is too much work (for a multi-cat household) and also  most have offensively over perfumed products. Designer litters are mostly over-priced and under-performing, although sometimes acceptable for a 1-2 cat household. 


Generally for me, my favorite is wood pellet litter. But there is a NEW litter gaining my admiration and esteem – the Fresh Step Gain with Febreze scoopable. The mention of Febreze especially caught my attention. I love Febreze air fresheners because they do not overwhelm with fragrance, but yet they remove bad odors. And Gain laundry detergent also has a lovely, not too strong smell.


This litter is “99.9% dust free,”and it really is. And I really smell NO fragrance. But what is impressive, is I also smell no litter box odor, even right after one of my cats has used the box! I put this in the litter box (small, covered) in my bedroom to give it the toughest test. And unless I directly LOOK at the box (I do scoop once daily, in the morning) I do not smell it at all! And it is not so annoying that I need to scoop more than once a day, which was the way things were with other scoopable litters I tried. Even with cats and kittens enthusiastically using the box at all hours.


I also did not have to do any careful switching or monitoring, even with young kittens, getting used to using a box. They adjusted seamlessly and easily to using this new litter. Also, it is QUIET when they are in there.


Needless to say, I really like this Fresh Step litter with Gain & Febreze and recommend it. I’ll be continuing to use this in my bedroom box. Get it on

Marva Marrow 
7th Heaven Orientals

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