Kittens Update June 9th

Born  May 7th to 7th Heaven's Nyoko chestnut/chocolate silver classic tabby girl and 7th Heaven's Chase,  red spotted tabby boy:

Kittens are now venturing out of the box and running around their enclosed space in my bedroom. They already have exceptional and trusting personalities and they are definitely looking like baby Orientals (instead of mice). They are starting to use the litter box and might have also tasted food, but likely by accident so far.. They are happy, running around and playing.. 

NO PLANS FOR THE KITTENS IN THIS LITTER YET, although the cinnamon girl will stay here and one boy will likely have prior obligations.

We have:

Chestnut/chocolate silver spotted tabby boy

Lavender silver spotted tabby boy

Lavender cream (tortie) silver Classic tabby girl

Cinnamon patched (tortie) silver Classic tabby girl - STAYS HERE

Photos of the Nyoko babies taken June 9th..
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Photos of the Moonie babies taken June 9th..
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Photos of the Passion Flower and the Shanti babies (ALL TOGETHER)..PLUS a little interloper, a chestnut/chocolate tortie girl from Devana (NOT AVAILABLE)

Photos taken June 1st..
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7th Heaven's Chase

7th Heaven's Nyoko

Kittens update June 9th..

Born May 21st to 7th Heaven's Over the Moon (Moonie) chestnut/chocolate ticked tortie & white girl and Shagio-Chen Tisza of 7th Heaven, blue spotted tabby boy:


Moonie and her six babies are growing well and starting to look like kittens. They are clamoring for attention whenever I look at them. Their very vigilant mother, Moonie, is now taking breaks to run around the house, and trusting no disasters will happen to her precious little ones while she is on "break." The kittens are starting to want to get out of the box and I can foresee that they will have to be moved to a larger space where they can do that, this week..

In the tiny baby photos, the lavender (taupe color) & white kittens: The girl is on your left..

In the tiny baby photos, the ebony/black & white girl is on your left, blue tortie girl is in the middle and blue & white boy is on your right


Blue solid tortie girl
Blue solid & white boy 
1 Lavender spotted tabby & white girl
2 Lavender solid & white boys
1 Ebony solid & white girl

Shagio-Chen Tisza of 7th Heaven - father of the litter

I generally have a litter or two of kittens either on the way or in some stage of development. I start photographing them at around one month of age. At about 8 weeks of age, after they are firmly eating solid food, they will be posted to this site, with AVAILABLE kittens noted - and then they can be OPTIONED (putting a verbal hold on the baby). 



If you are interested, please email me! Adoption prices are never listed here.

Include the following information:

  • Where you live 
  • Your family and any other pets
  • Your lifestyle
  • Any other information you think is important or useful


This information is very much welcome and necessary and will be used to determine if yours is a good home for one of our babies - and vice versa. 




PLEASE READ: How to ADOPT a 7th Heaven kitten

* Loving and healthy retired young show or breeding cats are sometimes available.
Please take a look at our 
Retired Adults page if you are interested!


7th Heaven Oriental kittens are raised with all the love, consideration and care possible from the day they are born. I don't have any children so I consider my kittens and cats my "substitute children." Besides being lovely to look at, my kittens are well known for their outgoing, affectionate and gentle personalities. 

To me, health, temperament and looks are all equally important and I strive to breed for these qualities. 

  • Kittens are generally ready to go to their new homes around four months of age -- a perfect time for them to adjust to new families without undue stress on their immune systems and yet, young enough for their new families to enjoy that adorable kitten phase. 
  • Kittens come with a health guarantee and all necessary vaccinations. It is recommended that kittens be taken to the veterinarian for a well-kitten exam within the first 72 hours. ​
  • Kittens may be shipped "counter-to-counter" and United Airlines is the preferred airline when shipping. We are located in Southern California. 

Show kittens or cats available occasionally and VERY SELECTIVELY to thoroughly screened individuals. 

Contract Terms: Kittens are sold with a spay/neuter agreement or spayed/neutered if they are a bit older. Kittens or cats may NOT be "de-toed" (de-clawed) as this is a mutilation -- our kittens are easily trained to use appropriate scratching posts. Kittens must be indoor-only for their safety and welfare.

I look forward to hearing from you! Write to me!

 AVAILABLE: Means that this kitten is currently available for adoption. Available kitten photos and     information are posted at about 8 weeks of age.

 OPTION: Means that there is a verbal hold (only) on this kitten, but nothing has been finalized.  Feel free to contact me about the kitten in case this does not go through - ALTHOUGH THAT IS QUITE RARE.

 RESERVED: The kitten has a home waiting for it. Kittens are RESERVED (with a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit) once they have had their first vaccinations (10 weeks) and have come through that in good health (11 weeks).

 DEPOSITS: Reserving a kitten requires a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. If you have reserved a kitten and you change your mind about taking the kitten, you will lose your deposit. If because of unforeseen circumstances I cannot give you the kitten, your deposit will be refunded.

Kittens UPdate June 1st..!!

Born  February 15th to 7th Heaven's Passion Flower, ebony/black & white girl and 7th Heaven's Zephyr,  ebony/black silver spotted tabby & white boy


Born  February 18th to 7th Heaven's Shanti, ebony/black classic tabby girl and 7th Heaven's Zephyr,  ebony/black silver spotted tabby & white boy



These kittens are the last of the bunch to go to their new homes... soon!