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Excerpted from Linda Owen and Corine Judkins 
Written by Marva Marrow

Editor's note: As always, if you suspect your cat might be ill, please don't delay. Contact your veterinarian immediately!

There are times when your cat or very young kitten may need a special food that is easily digestible, very nourishing, high in calories and extremely palatable to encourage appetite. These special - and not uncommon instances where your cat or kitten might
need supplementing may include:

1. A cat that is ill, weak or won't eat --also for syringe force-feeding

2. Orphaned kittens. Kittens can be totally raised with success on Glop.

3. A large litter that needs supplementing. It is also very appropriate to use with tube feeding.

4. A cat of any age -- including newborns -- that needs extra energy and calories for any reason

If so, Kitty Glop may be the answer! Made from supermarket ingredients, and time tested by breeders, it can be mixed up quickly. Most kittens and cats go crazy for it! It can also take the place of such products as KMR or KittyLac when they are not available. Feed small frequent servings. Here are a couple of recipes to make at home:

Ingredients: (NOTE: you can easily double this recipe!)

1 packet Unflavored Knox Gelatin

2 Egg yolks (ONLY the yolks)

2 Tbsp. Full fat Plain Yogurt(not low fat)

1 Tbsp Mayonnaise(not low fat)

1 tsp Light Karo Syrup (light meaning in color-not the dark Karo syrup) OPTIONAL

1 can Evaporated milk (not condensed milk), evaporated Goat Milk or 2 cups fresh Goat's Milk (my preference)

8 oz (one cup) Boiling water 


Probiotics are also a good addition as they help with the friendly flora and digestion for any age.. OPTIONAL


Mix unflavored Knox Gelatin with boiling water. Set aside.

Mix together egg yolks, yogurt, mayonnaise, Karo syrup and evaporated or goat's milk. Combine with gelatin mixture and mix well by hand or in a blender. If you mix in a blender, be careful when blending hot liquids!

Keep in the refrigerator for seven days or pour into ice cube trays lightly coated with cooking spray and freeze. After freezing, put into freezer-safe ziplock bags. These will keep for months.

Please note: When refrigerated, the Glop will solidify. It will return to the liquid state if heated slightly in the microwave. You can also add a bit of liquid vitamins, such as Petinic, or a capsule or two of Acidophilus to the mix. But these are optional.

I have had no diarrhea, refusal to drink formula or other side effects from this. For older kittens and adult cats, you can also mix the Kitty Glop with meat baby food (only the kind with just meat and broth) or other highly palatable, smooth pate type of food, appropriate for syringing - or finely blended cooked chicken w/broth (See our article on easy cooked chicken).

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