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The 7th Heaven kitties and humans live in what is called the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California, about one hour east of Los Angeles. Here the weather has more of the four seasons than is generally felt in Southern California. In fact, in the winter we get snow and ice and often below-freezing temperatures! Summers are warm and dry with cool evenings -- perfect!!

We are located at about 3700 feet above sea level -- close to the stars! At night, the skies are spectacular with sequined tapestries of zillions of celestial bodies -- big open panoramas. And the daytime skies are very clear, swept clean by almost constant gentle breezes (and sometimes not so gentle breezes!!). Here are a couple more photos of our home..  


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The Kitten Nursery

The cats and kittens live in the house, and kittens are raised in a bedroom next to my master bedroom, called the "Kitten Nursery." It is furnished with a comfortable day bed where I can nap with the young babies and mothers before they are permitted to join the general population. It has a big picture window looking out onto trees and flowers.

Once kittens are fully vaccinated, at around 10 weeks of age, they are allowed into the rest of the home. My cats sleep with me, eat and cook with me, read and edit photos on my iPad with get the idea!! They are very "helpful.." :-) I am hoping one day that they will learn to do some household chores, like making the bed, dumping the letterboxes - or bringing me a nice cup of coffee in the morning -- is that too much to ask??

The Studio 
In addition to our spacious and light-filled home, there is the Studio, a 1400 square foot separate building, about 100 ft from the main house. The Studio has 12 foot ceilings and a large, full bath. I have recently turned the Studio into a full-on catering kitchen and project space. It has air conditioning and heat, energy efficient windows, etc. to keep the temperature at a pleasant and comfortable level all year round. Cats are no longer in the Studio (because of food preparation) but they have a LOT of space to run and play  in our large and light-filled home. Here is the Studio. 

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The Boys' House

Our "Boys' House" is where our studs are quartered. It is air conditioned and heated and the boys have heated beds in the winter. They have large, airy enclosures with many levels for jumping and sleeping. They have access whenever they choose to their safe, enclosed outdoor runs with a view of the mini-orchard, the birds, butterflies and their choice of sun or shade. Here is the Boys' House. 

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Our 7th Heaven kitties definitely have a good life! You are welcome to come and visit when you are in the area. Call or email us for an appointment!

Marva Marrow
Phone #: (760) 949-2458 

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