Camilla is sweet, ultra-curious, playful and gentle. You can always see the wheels of calculation turning in her head - a very smart little girl! She likes to see what makes things tick, if they move, where they can go. She has a rock hard body and tight tight coat - and brilliant splotches of color. She also has deep green eye color which is quite rare and prized in cats of her color. She loves to shred toilet paper - which is why while she was here, all the rolls of toilet paper were kept in a closed little closet or drawer next to the toilets.

CH Okonor ilona of 7th Heaven

​Breeder: Laszlo Nemeth

​Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: Okonor Pioca

Sire: Okonor Futobajnok

Chestnut/Chocolate Patched Ticked Tabby (Tortie)

These are cats who have graced my life and home with their presence.  
Each one has left a mark in my heart and has been an important star in the 7th Heaven constellation... 
I feel fortunate to have known them, loved them all and been loved in return... I have many more photos and pedigrees to add - will do so as time permits!

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CH 7th Heaven's Desiree

My darling Fiamma.. She and her sister Fiery were precious gifts from my sweet Kissy (Butterfly Kisses) and a much-loved boy, "Kimi" (Rojo Caliente) who lived with friends, Deb and Linda - although of my breeding and cattery. I am so grateful to these friends for letting me breed Kimi to Kissy. Red girls! So rare and so delightful. Fiamma was aways possessive and treasured bedmate and shadow. Very refined, with a long and elegant head and body, sexy eyes, petite like her mother, great spots like her father (and grandfather, Betel). 

CH 7TH HEAVEN'S i'm on fire

Breeder/Owner; Marva Marrow
Dam: CH 7th Heaven's Butterfly Kisses
Sire: GC 7th Heaven's Rojo Caliente 
Red Silver Spotted Tabby

7th Heaven's Lady Madonna

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: CH 7th Heaven's Desiree

​Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Ikon

Odd-Eyed White

GC RW 7th Heaven's Fleur de Lis

What was said about Fiamma, Fiery's sister, can mostly be said "ditto" for Fiery!  I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to breed my Kissy, Fiamma and Fiery's mother, to Kimi and thus to get my beautiful red girls! Fiery was a little bigger than Fiamma, and with bright green eyes - an unusual bonus to a cat of this color. She was an elegant and robust girl with a sweet yet independent personality. She loved to have her tummy rubbed. 

CH 7th Heaven's butterfly kisses

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: Hensleek Stardust of 7th Heaven

Sire: CH Imladris Indil Orlando of 7th Heaven

Blue-Eyed White

Desiree is a super refined and petite girl with a loong body that has the "steel pipe" feel to it, absolutely tight muscles - like an aerobic instructor of the cat world. Long, lithe and sinewy. This amazing body is crowned with a beautiful head, gigantic ears and deep deep sapphire eyes.

Desiree loves everyone - cat or human, always in a sunny mood, always the first on my lap or cuddled up close under the covers. She has a unique voice, always the same melodic tone. Unfortunately she did not like being a mother - but I am happy to have her daughter, Lady Madonna, who does love mothering. Now Desiree is adored and lives in Boston.

Hensleek Stardust of 7th Heaven

GC RW 7th Heaven's Sempre Stellina

CH Skan Moonflower of 7th Heaven

Stardust is a girl who knows her own mind - and she never knew a human she did not like! She has lovely refinement, emerald green eyes, beautiful profile. She joined our family as a young adult, but made her mark and had a number of oustanding kittens, was a fabulous mother. Many thanks to Vicki Henslee for my beautiful white girl - I was waiting a long time for a white girl and was so glad to have her! Now she lives the good life as a much-loved pet in Europe, as she well deserves.

Dolce is as her name says - sweet, outgoing and easy going. I love her silver patched color and giant spots! I also like her refinement and overall balance. She is a cinnamon carrier.

Moonflower is a pretty girl who came from my longtime friend, Ann Leaty, to whom I am very grateful. Moonflower is a gentle and striking girl with her bright silver and white coloring, silky, tight coat, slanty green eyes and lovely, liquid eye expression. Moonflower helped to bring back into our cattery the silver tabbies we love so much. She was always a fantastic mother.

CH 7th Heaven's Camilla

Stellina "told" me, very clearly, when she was just a baby, that she chose me. She will always be a very special girl to me - top winning show cat and constant producer of kittens that were outstanding in type and personality. She was Queen of the house - and she came to "Stellina Darling" better than just Stellina alone :-)

Samsara was a precious gift from two Polish friends, whom I met when I visited my friend Monika in Poland and Germany a few years ago. Then this lovely and mischievous Polish panther came to live at my house! Samsara is elegant, with a patent leather coat, fine bones and delicate but very strong little body - perfect for leaping to high places and on kitchen counters. A petite girl, she is small but mighty and woe be to any cat or kitten who dares to try to push her around! She stands up for herself - in a LOUD way. Very opinionated! And also very sweet and cuddly. 

Many thanks to my wonderful Hungarian friend, Laszlo for my Ilona! She is a lovely, very healthy, extremely outgoing and loving girl with a fantastic pedigree. I am very happy to have had her as part of my family! She was always eager to greet new people at the door. And she was the first one on my lap when I sat down. Her coloring is very distinctive - like a golden autumn leaf. She was a superb mother - very calm and yet watchful, keeping an eye on her large litters of babies.

past stars - girls

"Maddie" is an even-tempered, gentle and happy-go-lucky girl who was friend to everyone (even those in a "mood") and unafraid of just getting into the "pile" and cuddling up. She is elegant, with a gleaming and tight white coat, very fine boning. Just having had one litter, she proved to be a wonderful, calm and caring mother - and I look forward to her beautiful chestnut tortie & white daughter, Over the Moon (aka Moonie) inheriting the many good qualities from her mother..

Butterfly Kisses, aka "Kissy" is the white girl I waited so long to have born. She is extreme, very feminine. Although she appears delicate she is anything but! An angel of steel. She has deep deep sapphire eyes, fine boning.  She is genetically a full-body tortie, instead of pointed, under her white coat of paint - an added bonus for me!

A bit of a princess, she knows she is special and how to get her way. She is my non-stop purr machine - my devoted little love.

CH 7th Heaven's gaia

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

​Dam: CH Felitan Diva of 7th Heaven

Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Betelgeuse


CH 7th Heaven's Fiamma eterna

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: CH 7th Heaven's Butterfly Kisses

Sire: GC 7th Heaven's Rojo Caliente

Red Spotted Tabby

Gaia is an elegant (and somewhat of a clown), sleek little black seal with bright green eyes, huge ears and a patent leather glossy coat. She is a big talker and very involved in the workings of the household (although still not willing to wash dishes or make the bed). She was also an exceptionally calm and cheerful mother.

Fleur is one of the "runway models" of the cat world. She is extremely fine, long and tall with a long long tail that goes on forever. She is supremely feminine, with a sweet, out going personality, always willing to please or "help." She is a fetcher of toys extraordinaire. She was born and was raised for the first part of her life with Linda Sellaro - no cat could have a better start!

GC 7th Heaven's La Dolce Vita