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When I think of sparkly highlights on my Oriental Shorthairs’ wish lists (besides food!), certain words come to mind: tall,climbable, sturdy (for leaping felines!), tall, cuddling places, scratchable places, King of the Mountain platforms, tall, watchtower platforms, warm, soft.. TALL. Those are just a few wish list words that stand out!


When the people from Yaheetech Cat Trees offered me and my kitties choice of one of their dazzling display of custom cat trees, I knew that kitty eyes at our house would be shining and calculating all the pleasures that could be found in such a tower of joy! 


The cat tree, which from photos and designs I knew would be tall and full of levels and details to explore, arrived. I was surprised by the compact box! Actually, surprised and slightly worried as I knew that meant lots of pieces. And indeed, opening the box was, I admit, daunting. LOTS of pieces and LOTS of “put together” of pieces. I had to rather let this project set in for a few days, while the kitties explored and offered their opinion.


Thankfully, my cat-loving friend Jamie, who is admittedly more mechanically minded than me came to visit, scoffed off my worries immediately, and his eyes sparkled with the love of a puzzle. In fact, in less than two hours, Jamie had this marvel of cat pleasure up and completely put together! I would indeed recommend bribing a relative or friend for their help or at the least, moral support, although I am sure I could have put it together myself (with a little more head scratching and some deep breaths).


My two boy cats of course “helped” with the construction – and were eager to dip their claws into the actual testing process, as soon as the thing was up and finished! Right up to the top they dashed! And then inside the caves! And then to the various ins and outs of this cleverly designed and sturdy masterpiece! And then some stretching and scratching on the very satisfying posts! 


This tree, Model 611191, is just one of their many designs, but the one which kept drawing me back, and I finally selected. It is loaded with levels, scratching/stretching options of sisal (rope, which helps pleasurably strip kitty claws and keep them in top condition), tunnels and caves and dangly things to “kill, “ i.e. play with.


The tree we got is 69.5 inches tall, has a condo, perch, hammock, basket, tunnel, scratching posts, furball, pet-friendly soft plush fabric and is suitable for 2-3 medium to large rambunctious cats. Ours is  the light gray (a favorite color of mine) and it also comes, as of this writing, in dark gray too. Free shipping, which is always a big plus…


The plushy carpet is excellent quality, certain to last, easy to clean and will endure the trials of the toughest kitties. 


Our Yaheetech Cat Tree


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By Marva Marrow

7th Heaven Orientals

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