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These are the girls who are part of my current feline family.

Please check out my Past Stars-Girls to see former family members and those girls that had an important influence on my cats' "look" and on my heart!


Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: GC 7th Heaven's Lunatika

Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Ajax the GRR8!!

EbonyBlack Spotted Tabby Girl

Sera is one cat that always takes my breath away as I watch her sashay her way through the house - the elegance and nonchalance of a runway model. She is the definition of long, and long legged, fine boned grace. And with ears that really make you think she will take flight. We await her babies with much anticipation. A precious girl in every way.

screativeref 1101l69250.jpg

Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: 7th Heaven's Lady Madonna

Sire:  7th Heaven's Leo Le Roi

Chestnut/Chocolate Tortie & White Girl

Moonie combines the best qualities of her adorable mother, Maddie, and father, Leo, in the most colorful package! And she has such intense, dark green eyes - which are unusual to find in red-factored (red and tortie) cats. The moment she came into the world I knew it was very likely she would stay with me. She is exquisitely feminine, yet sturdy and strong. And her lovely babies are cared for and loved - even if in a rather over-protected way - with her whole heart and spirit.


Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: 7th Heaven's Sempre Libera

Sire: 7th Heaven's Tsuki

Ebony/Black & White Girl 

Passion's green eyes and striking coloring won my heart when she was a baby. And she has the same calm yet playful, serene temperament of her mother, "Libbie" (Sempre Libera). Nothing makes her happier than sitting on my lap (when I have that rare moment with time to sit down) or sleeping on my stomach, green mysterious eyes staring into mine.. and smiling. Yes, smiling. Hopefully she will continue this tradition of the emerald eyes and lovely, calm, sunny temperament.


Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: 7th Heaven's Lunatika

Sire: 7th Heaven's Mito d'Argento

Ebony Classic Tabby Girl 

Shanti is a fearless, outgoing, playful, mischievous, loving, cuddly girl - with an outstanding classic pattern and bright emerald eyes. She is super curious, super healthy and muscular, yet elegant. Look in her eyes and you can tell she is constantly trying to figure out what makes something tick - or how she can achieve a seemingly impossible goal. She loves high places and is an Olympic jumper (if they had a category for cats). A very sweet, athletic and adorable girl.


Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: GC 7th Heaven's Lunatika

Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Mito d'Argento

Blue-eyed White Girl

Nuvola (it means "cloud" in Italian) is a calm, easy going, playful, super sweet, tolerant and elegant white girl with brilliant sapphire blue eyes (we call this "BEW" - blue-eyed white). She has a lovely accepting, affectionate and gentle personality and a happy disposition. Very fine boned and always super healthy, she is the only white offspring from her much loved mother, Luna, living in our house. Since to have white kittens, one of the parents must BE white (dominant gene) we are very grateful to have our beautiful Nuvola to continue this color!


Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: Dolcegattina Samsara of 7th Heaven

Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Heartbreaker

Blue Spotted Tabby Girl

Thea is a beautiful blue spotted tabby girl with a wonderful pattern of huge spots (in "rosette" shape - showing that she has a "classic pattern" desirable pattern/. She is elegant, with lovely green eyes and fine, graceful "little panther" type of body and boning. She is a sweet girl, getting along with everyone, and always something to say in her soft, musical voice. She loves to be HIGH up and is a master jumper! She has the 7th Heaven "look" of our longtime cats and lines.


Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow, Bill & Elisa Marsh

Dam: 7th Heaven's Silvia

Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Heartbreaker

Ebony Smoke Girl

Enigma is a regal girl, born in an exceptional litter at the home of Bill & Elisa Marsh who own their mother Silvia, a lovely 7th Heaven, who is their pet. The litter was under my guidance, raised with great care and love by the Marsh's. All four of the kittens in the litter were beautiful and sweet. Enigma, with her bright green sexy eyes, big ears and mysterious, perfect rich and shining back smoke colored coat (where you only see the white undercoat when the fur parts in movement), was for me love at first sight. She is incredibly affectionate, gentle, sociable with cats and humans -  and a much loved part of our family.


Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow, Bill & Elisa Marsh

Dam: 7th Heaven's Silvia

Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Heartbreaker

Chestnut Silver Classic Tabby Girl

Nyoko, which means "treasure" in Japanese, is the sister of Enigma, from the outstanding litter born and raised at the home of Bill & Elisa Marsh, raised with all the love and care possible. Nyoko too is  incredibly sweet and cuddly. She liked to sleep on top of me. She has a funny plaintive quiet way of talking to me that is completely endearing. She has a stunning pattern and glistening almost sparkling coat, and a fantastic rare classic pattern, a "painted on" coat, bright green eyes and extreme elegance. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have Nyoko living as part of our family.


Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: 7th Heaven's Nyoko

Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Flame Chaser

Chestnut Silver Patched Classic Tabby Girl

Paris's strange and wonderful color was a dilemma from the first, as it was unlike anything I had ever seen in my long years of breeding these exceptional cats. as she grew, it was more confusing than less. Finally, through a process of elimination the mystery of the remarkable color was determined. In the meantime, this bouncing ball of energy and curiosity grew longer, taller, more adorable and graceful, her eyes grew deeper green and I could not help loving her more. She is a little clown, graceful, acrobatic, chatty and cuddly. She is her Nyoko's child - beautiful and unusual and heart meltingly lovable.


Breeder: Aida Khevoian

Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: Eastern Family's Ollynn

Sire: Q'Radan Han Teori

Ebony Patched Spotted Tabby Girl

Devana's name is that of a Russian fable goddess. She came to me from Russia as a young adult, quickly made herself at home with the rest of the house kitties. A sweet, calm, accepting and gentle girl,.she has finally come into her own, with her tightcoat, sharply delineated spots, sexy slant eyes, lovely ears long head  - and the longest tail - which she likes to hold high while parading around the house, knowing it is a tail that makes you go WOW!. Devana loves to greet visitors and is a complete, gracious lady.  She fits right in with the crew and likes to sleep next to me on my pillow - or on top of me, not getting at all ruffled when I have to roll over. She just cuddles up again. Devana is a  happy part of the family.


Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: Colorcountry's Zoi of 7th Heaven

Sire: CH 7th Heaven's Heartbreaker 

Ebony & White Girl

Tien's name means "Heaven" in Chinese. There is just something special about my little Tien and I really love this girl - she will always stay with me. She is completely attached and shows her adoration in the sweetest and most endearing ways - snuggling and burrowing into my neck or making sure she is cuddled right up close at night. She has such soulful and brilliant green eyes and an elegant, willowy body, with a long long LONG tail. She is definitely my little girl in every way.


Breeder/Owner: Marva Marrow

Dam: 7th Heaven's Over the Moon

Sire: Shagio-Chen's Betlen of 7th Heaven

Chestnut/Chocolate Tortie & White

Mariposa, my lovely and colorful little "butterfly" (her name in Spanish), is curious, playful, flirtatious, full of boundless energy. Her deep green eyes do not miss a thing. She is starting to take a little time to relax and cuddle up, but you can see the energy shimmering on her as she gazes at the world and plans her next adventure. 

Mariposa 5-10-20g.jpg
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